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Branford, CT
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I just started a new job coding pediatrics (I coded for gastroenterology for 5 1/2 years). Any resources, notes, suggestions or information you can pass my way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
You could always sign-up for the pediatric coding newsletter from the AMA.

Just a thought, I am pretty new to peds too.
I am trying to get my department to sign up for the newsletter. I have found the AAP Pediatric Coding Companion very helpful!
I might can help!

I have been coding for Pediatrics for 3 years now! I might can help some. Do you work at a hospital or office? I am in office! If you want to email me you can, I will try my best to help you out.
Pediatric coding

:) A great source for you to go is We use Physician Computer Company as our software company. If you go to there web page you will find a lot of information that is very helpful.

Roxanne Rutter CPC
Eden Park Pediatrics
hi, I code for a pediatric hospital. We have a bi-monthly conference call we listen to put on by the PHIS/CHCA (AHIMMA CEU approved). It's a large group from all over the US. You can submitt ?'s and the group will give input in the live conference. It's more helpfull to INpt. coders but the general ?'s are sometimes more helpfull for the inexperienced. Keeping in mind most Hospitals don't use modifiers or HCPCS codes so those ?'s would probalby not be answered appropriatly.