Newly Certified CPC-A


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I am a newly certified biller and coder. I received my education from WTI in Joplin, Missouri, and took the certification test in November 2011 with a grade of 84%. I did my externship for five weeks at a clinic that had several clinics in different areas. I am in the process of looking for a job as either a biller or a coder. Would prefer to work in a clinic, more specifically, dental, but a hospital would be fine, too.

I can travel 80 miles round trip. I live in Anderson, Missouri, so Joplin or down in Arkansas is fine.

I have been working in the medical field for 10-plus years as a remote medical transcriptionist.

If you would like to see a resume and references, please contact me at either or

Thank you ~

Gloria Ann Flowers, CPC-A
395 Monroe Road
Anderson, MO 64831
417-845-6160 - home phone
417-456-0226 - cell phone