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Congratulations AAPC you got $170 plus from me and I got absolutely nothing back for my money. What a complete waste. I consider it stolen money. You are all about the money and don't care about your members at all!!!!! No local chapter support. No coding jobs in my area. Not able to get the CEUs when I've already paid for membership so I'll be dropped as a member unless I pay for an extension. But you won't refund my membership which technically hasn't even entered the renewal phase. I highly recommend everyone to look elsewhere. What a horrible horrible experience I have had with you. Go ahead and delete because I'm sure you don't want your potential and current members to know how you only care about money.
What were your expectations when you joined AAPC? What "support" were you hoping for from your local chapter? Are you certified or were you looking to become certified? Joining the organization doesn't guarantee a job and CEUs aren't required as a member. Nor are CEUs provided with membership although there are free CEUs available from AAPC & CMS that will satisfy the 18 CEU/year requirement for one credential.

AAPC is in the business of helping us keep current on the ever-changing rules and regulations in the coding world and it costs money to do that. I have three certifications to maintain, which can add up financially, but I stick with AAPC because I trust the information their experts provide.

There has been this increase in the last few years of this mindset to "be a coder, it's easy and you can work from home!" and I think it has led to unrealistic expectations (not saying this is you, hbgoode, just making a general observation). I've been a coder for 25 years - it is hard work and you have to be constantly learning and growing to stay relevant. It used to be easy to become a coder if you knew someone willing to hire and train you on the job. That's no longer the case and even entry-level coders are expected to have a baseline knowledge of coding because there is so much more at stake financially these days.

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They have also stolen my money! They stated that I forfeit an exam attempt and will not given me the voucher back.
They state that I have to buy a new one which is another $375 that I do not have. I will advise everyone to stay away from AAPC they are nothing but thieves.
I really have to agree with trarut, there are so many advertisements for "Be a coder and earn 40K working from home" out there. Is that possible? Of course, but not starting out. At this time the market is flooded with credential members looking for work. Most want to "code" which I understand, but there are so many jobs where your coding credentials will help, but are not actually coding. I worked in a hospital business office when I got credentialed, and my credentials helped me doing several jobs over time. Yes I was assigned to a coding unit and have been coding for nearly twenty years. I don't complain about the cost of AAPC membership. You can easily get 18 free CEU's every year. You get a monthly magazine which keeps you up to date in an ever-changing field where compliance is necessary. They provide a web site where coders can ask and get answers to questions. I'm sorry that there are so many CPC-A's looking for work. Don't apply for only coding jobs. Apply for any job in a healthcare area. Your credentials will help get you in the door and help you advance.