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NP visit after a exercise stress test

Best answers
Hello- wondering how people code an E/M visit (new or established) in the following cases?

Patient is referred to cardiology- the cardiologists wants a Exercise stress test done prior to the Office visit.
Patient comes in to the clinic- has a EST in clinic- the PA directly supervises the test and provides the report.

When patient comes in a week later for an office visit are they new? or Established?

Same with a patient who has a Nuclear stress test at the hospital location.One of our cardiologists or the PA is there to supervise and interprete the result.

the first time patient is seen in the clinic- are they new or established?

Below is from CMS- my question is whether "other face-to-face" service would include direct in the room supervision and interp. of a stress test.

Interpret the phrase "new patient" to mean a patient who has not received any professional services, i.e., evaluation and management service or other face-to-face service (e.g., surgical procedure) from the physician or physician group practice (same physician specialty) within the previous three years. For example, if a professional component of a previous procedure is billed in a 3-year time-period, e.g., a lab interpretation is billed and no E/M service or other face-to-face service with the patient is performed, then this patient remains a new patient for the initial visit. An interpretation of a diagnostic test, reading an x-ray or EKG etc., in the absence of an E/M service or other face-to-face service with the patient does not affect the designation of a new patient. Beginning in 2012, the AMA CPT instructions for billing new patient visits include physicians in the same specialty and subspecialty. However, for Medicare E/M services the same specialty is determined by the physician's or practitioner's primary specialty enrollment in Medicare. Recognized Medicare specialties can be found in the Medicare Claims Processing Manual, chapter 26 (http://www.cms.gov/manuals/downloads/clm104c26.pdf). You may contact your Medicare claims processing contractor to confirm your primary Medicare specialty designation.