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Good Evening,
Quick question regarding the # of dx/mgmt options table, just a few examples:
1st ex: Patient presents with a complaint of sore throat along with left ear pain which was diagnosed as acute pharyngitis and otitis media, assigned 2 points as I see as self limiting.
2nd ex: Patient arrives with a complaint of migraine which was diagnosed as migraine without aura, 3 points.
3rd ex: Patient presents with contact dermatitis of the face along with intense leg pain from a fall diagnosed as a femur fractur, 1 point dermatitis and 3 points for fx equaling 4 points.
Well there was a question stated to me just a day ago asking why I did not add an additional 3 points in each example as the patient is new to the urgent care with no addtl workup. Honestly I never thought about this I only went with the diagnosis made and the documentation presented of the complaint in which the provider will usually state the patient was seen her the day before etc...
Wondering I'm I handling the box correctly, I never heard of adding additional point for new problem? Just want to be sure I'm not overlooking anything.

Thank you