Observation status turned into inpatient status


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This is a tricky situation that I have not had happen before and I need some help with coding and billing.
My physician admitted a patient to inpatient status on 5/10. However, she was in observation status before that. The H&P that he dictated for the inpatient status is dated 5/9 and the time is 2249. There is also a progress note dated 5/9 with a time of 2333. Now, either the date of the H&P is wrong or the time....I don't know....but I don't think I can bill for an H&P and progress note on the same date. Also, since the patient wasn't officially admitted until 5/10, can I even bill for the H&P since it is dated 5/9? I'm thinking the date and time of the H&P are correct, so I am confused about billing for this.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.