Office visit when in Comprehensive Inpt Rehabilitation Facility


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I know I have seen several posts but not sure what the end result was. We have a patient who was brought to our office for an establish office visit who we billed Medicare for a 99214 with a place of service 11. Medicare retracted the payment stating the patient is in a inpatient status. The patient is inpatient at a Comprehensive rehabilitation facility hospital. We did not render any testing of any kind just merely a 99214. The patient was transported to our office and seen in the office not at the Rehab facility. I was told to bill with a place of service 61 to which Medicare denied it. Should it be billed with place of service 11 since that is where it was actual rendered and when it's denied appeal it from there with documentation however I can't find anything showing they transported or if patient was brought in by family member.

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