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Can any one recommend an oncology seminar, class or anything in Wisconsin that would help a person new to oncology coding and billing? We just started our oncology department and everyone except forthe physician is new to this and we are running into snags everywhere. Any help would be appreciated.


Bobbe Jo Sparby
As far as a seminar, there are none anywhere that I know of. I am new also and have been searching for some type of training and I am running into a dead end everywhere.
Check out the crown series offered by CSI - Coding Strategies. I believe the seminar is going to be in Las Vegas in January. I haven't been to one yet but am planning to attend in January. They also have Navigator's that you can purchase that really have excellent information.
I agree 100% with CSI series. I have not been to their seminars, but their books are a staple in my office. They are fantastic! I have been coding Oncology for 6 years and there definitely is not a lot out there. That is one of the reasons I haven't gone for my CHONC certification. Finding inexpensive webinars, etc., that are Oncology specific has been a little tough.
Oncology Coding

You absolutely need the coding books from CSI and go to a Crown Seminar. Oncology coding is very challenging. I would also get your speciality coding books from AAPC. I am the "Oncology Reimbursement Specialist" for hematology and radiology. This is the most difficult coding I've ever encountered and the documentation requirements are extensive.

Sandra Ramsey