??Open Lap Gastric Band Placement ??


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:confused: I'm looking for a code to describe the an open lap band placement. This is actually a different case becauase once the sx began the pt began to bleed and the Dr had to look for the source. When he couldn't determine where it was coming from he opened her up. Just a little part of the op-notes reads....

The patient was opened w/ a midline exploration and we opened the fascia and packed all four quadrants. after that, quad by quad we cont to id the source of the bleeding. there were intraabdominal blood clots as well as bleeding. we found a small tear just right below the opening of the visiport that suggested an iatrogenic tear in the posterior perioteneum leading to superficial vessel bleeding as the aorta was found to be completely intact. The bloodd was suctioned out and abdominal cavity was irrigated ......i cont. to perform laparoscopic gastric band placment. (this is edited)

Is this still 43770 Lap Band placement or is there a code for open band placemnt. I don't see something specific to placement of a band in an open procedure only laparoscopy.

Any help is appreciated.