Open reduction dilocated TKA w polyethylene exchange


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Need some help with this surgery. Op report says "Full thickness skin flaps were elevated. At this point, because of the deficient extensor mechanism, the dislocated knee was easily noted. The articular surface was still within the rod of the constrained knee. The appropriate screw was then used to remove the screw, so as to be able to remove the constraining rod from the hinge. The liner, which was still trappd with the rod, was also removed.
I did evaluate the articular surface. The lip on teh anterior portion of the articular surgace did appear to have some wear, collapsing the lip hole to facilitate the locking mechanism anteriorly. I then irrigated the knee with copious amounts of saline. There was some residual suture from the previous attempted repair of the extensor mechanism. This was removed. I once again trialed the knee with a 26 mm articular surface ofr the rotating hinge knee, with the appropriate meta stem. This was felt to be the right fit and the right tension. The appropriate size articular surface was then placed in the appropriate manneer and the locking mechanism was then engaged. It was screwed in and the knee was taken through a full range of motion.
Once the constrained knee was redone with new articular surface, it was felt to be quite stable."

I was looking at 27486 or maybe unlisted just really not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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