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The incision was marked out and made about the palmar digitial crease at the base of the thumb transversely taking care to just divide through the dermis. Littler scissors where then used to bluntly spread the soft tissues. The radial digital nerve was identified in its usual anatomic position lying obliquely just proximal to the A1 pulley. The ulnar digital nerve was identified. These nerves were kept under direct visualization or protected by cast and retractor throughout the entire procedure. Kasdan retractors were then used to very gently retract the digital nerves and the A1 pulley. was divided and flexor tendon sheath entered. Flexor pollicis longus tendolysis was performed with sharp dissection and proliferative flexor tenosynovium ws excised. Flexor pollicis longus was then able to glide freely. Both digital nerves where inspected and noted to be intact, uninjured and normal in appearance.

codes used 26440 and 26145.

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