Opinions, please: Attending vs Pathologist PDX


Hazlet, NJ
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I have been coding Colonoscopies and EGDs for a while now, but I have a question regarding the assignment of a PDX. My problem is that there are certain docs who always code the exact same dx for every single patient that they do. One doctor always sees 'gastric ulcer, reflux esophagitis, acute gastritis and duodenitis.' Another one always sees 'spastic bowel, adhesions, hemorroids.' The path report almost always differs. Many times I will see on path report, "no histopathologic changes."

My understanding is that the doctor is giving their impression, while the pathologist confirms this, or doesn't, and gives their findings.

My question is, if their opinions differ, whose do I code? Both? The Pathologist's? I've received different answers here at work, (hospital) and would greatly appreciate some insight. Thanks for your help!