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Procedure:irrigation And Debridement Of Rt Index,middle Finger
Diagnosis:rt Index,middle Finger Open Fracture
Laceration Of The Nail Bed
Partial Tip Amputation

The Rt Upper Extremity Was Prepped And Draped In The Sterile Manner, Examination Of The Digits Noted That, On The Index Finger,a Portion Of The Phalanx Was Gone,as Was The Nail Bed And Approximately Three-fourths Of The Nail. The Volar Aspect Of The Skin Was Still There And Viable. On The Middle Finger, Half Of The Nail And Bed Were Gone With Remaining Portion Of The Volar Aspect Of The Tip Ofthe Finger.after Thorough Irrigation And Debridement Was Completed And Minimally Suturing, It Was Elected That These Areas Would Not Need Further Shortening To Facilitate Closure. Thus, We Would Allow For Granulation Tissue To Minimize Lost Length And Function. Bandages Were Wpplied. The Patient Was Reacted From Anesthesia And Taken To The Recovery Room In Stable Condition.
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