outpatient coder versus physician coder


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This might sound a little stupid but what is the difference between an outpatient coder and a physician coder.

I know an outpatient coder, codes for a lot of the facility outpatient services, but as a physician coder( that is what I do ) I code for the physicians for their office and hospital visits.
I guess what I am confused about is I work for a hospital that cleary treats the "facility" coders on a higher level than a physician coder. I dont feel this is right, since we all work for the same hospital we should all be treated fairly. I have over 15 physicians I code for and that includes their office visits,procedures, and hospital admissions.

So ... is their a HUGE pay difference/education difference for a outpatient facility coder as opposed to a physician coder?

Thanks , I am just needing some feedback because I am not sure if I should go ahead and pursue coding for the facility. I know nothing about coding for the facility part and not real sure I want to learn.