PA Provider #/Travelers (RR) Medicare problem


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We're having trouble getting Travelers (Railroad) Medicare to pay claims on our physician assistant (PA). We were told by Trav.MC that the problem is that Arkansas Medicare recently changed how they give provider #s to PAs (which is probably true since we didn't have this problem with our last PA). They say that Arkansas Mcare is now linking PAs to a particular doctor's provider # instead of linking them to a group number. Therefore, when Trav.Mcare tries to find the PA on the regular Mcare system, they don't show them attached to our group & can't assign a provider #. I hope that made sense - & I may have not explained it right. If anyone else has this problem & has found a way to get it resolved (or not), please let me know! I can call you if you give me your #, or mine is 501-604-6954. Thanks, Marge