Parental Counseling


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Our pediatrician counseled with a patient's mother about some behavioral problems that a patient was having, but the patient did not attend the appointment. Therefore I am wanting to know if I can even bill for this service. Since there was no face-to-face encounter with the patient at the time of counseling. If someone can advise me. Please! Thanks for your help in advance.
Pediatricians are the lucky few that can do this. Yes they can bill on the child's account if the meeting was with parents. This has to be done with a counseling time statement though, so make sure your doctor documented correctly.

"I spent XX time face-to-face with Chase's mom all of which was spent counseling and/or coordinating care discussing behavior issues and med management."

In addition to a statement like this, your provider should also include details of what was discussed.
This issue has come up in our pediatric practice. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find the guidelines that state pediatricians can bill an E/M service when only the parent is present? Thanks!!
Look in the CPT codebook in the E/M section under the Time component for a description. It states face-to face time is defined as time spent face-to-face with the patient and/or family.

Hope this helps.