Partial wound closure


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One of my trauma/gen surg providers sometimes does partial closure during one of the staged debridements. Would you code 13160 for the delayed closure? That seems like a fairly high RVU for not completely closing the wound, although the debridement and wound vac would be included.

Procedure(s) performed
R back wound exploration (13x9x3cm)
R back wound debriedement (skin) (10x0.5cm)
R back wound washout
delayed wound closure, partial
R back wound vac placement (4x2cm)

Wound exploration was performed.
the SQ , the fascia looked much better with good granulation tissue.
there was necrotic skin sliver of the edges, these were debrieded and excised. 10x0.5cm

cavity was explored for track and other cavity. The wound was debrieded sharply to fresh capillary
bleed. No other pocket found.
The cavity measured (9x13x3cm).
wound was washout with 3L of NS using pulsavac.

delay closure, partial:
wound was partially closed with 2-0 vicryl to reapproxiate dead space,
then skin was partially closed with 2-0 nylon, interupted, in vertical matress fashion.
leaving the medical aspect of the wound 4x3cm open.
this will be fill with sponge of wound vac. (4x2cm)

Wound vac was placed with good seal. He will be brought back for wound debridement and vac change
on Weds. Pt will remain on abx.