Patellar tendon tibial transfer medially & superiourly, RT knee

Reno, NV
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I am totally stumped on this one. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

:confused: 'Carefully placed anterior incision carried through subcutaneous tissues of a well healed cicatrix of the anterior aspect of the patella used for previous surgery. This was carried distally approximately 10 cm and the tibial tubercle exposed. Patellar tendon was then carefully dissected and its base found. An osteotomy was tehn used to cut an oblique wedge of the tibial tubercle and displace it medially. A small piece of allograft bone was then used to reinforce the undersurface as it was elevated and transposed medially. Two screws were then placed into the transferred patellar tendon segment, along with the tibia. This held the fragment well and securely as the knee was taken through a full range of motion. '