Personal History of von Willebrand's

Z86.2 is personal history of diseases of the blood and blood forming organs and certain disorders involving immune mechanism. then states conditions classifiable to D50-D89

VWD dx code is D68.0

That would be my best guess.
Why are you coding "history of" for this disease? It's a life-long condition with no cure, which is why I'm asking.
Only because the physician has "hx of... and I am unfamiliar with that condtion. I'm helping a friend so it's not my expertise.

Gotcha. If the condition is a factor in an encounter, you'd code for it. I believe what the previous poster mentioned is correct; D68.0. It's a blood clotting disorder, so it could very easily impact a ton of other conditions or problems. The sequencing would depend on the specifics of the encounter.