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NM Whole Body Dictation Requirement

First let me say any help would be tremendously appreciated

For documentation and coding N/M Whole Body, does the radiologist need to state viewed from skull to mid-thigh to code complete study 78306?

We are not clear on exactly should be documented in their dication. Some of the office thinks if he does not state viewed from skull to mid-thigh, it should be downcoded to 78300 or 78305

The order is for a whole body image.

Lori Bettencourt--Hampton NH
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You said a pet scan whole body but you are talking about cpts 78300, 78305 & 78306 which are nuclear medicine bone and/or joint imaging. Which do you need info on, the pet scans or the nuclear medicine codes?
Sorry about that. I need help with the nuclear medicine codes 78300 78305 78306. What should the radiologist document to qualify report as whole body?
Thanks in advance
I've had some of these same issues in the past. If it's ordered as a whole body nuclear medicine bone scan and no where in the report did the rad state "whole body" then I would send these back for clarification. If you can't send back, then code to what's documented. So if they mention multipe body parts (say arm and leg) then code the 78305. If they only mention one area (say the hip) then code 78300. Hope this helps!

Amber, CPC
I do have a question regarding the PET Scan. 78815 vs 78814 If the Rad report states "EXAM" Body PET-CT Study and the body of the rad report only states neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis, should this be a 78814 or a 78815?