Physical Therapy coding


Akron, OH
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I am doing an analyis of a fairly new PT facility for payments that were made from 2006 to date. I am finding that the facility was reimbursed for codes that do not meet the CCI edits and recently these same combination of codes are being denied. Is there someone who knows whether this was a focus item for audits in recent months by either Mcare or any other carrier. I haven't been able to find anything in writing, if you have a website I can go to, it would be greatly appreciated.
I do physical therapy coding for the orthopaedic practice that I work for. If you could be a little more specific about exactly what codes are being denied and for what reason, I might be able to think of something. I do know that CCI edits are updated every three months (every quarter), so a code that was fine last year, could be different this year.