Physician supervision

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I Don't Think So..

I don't think the physician needs to be present upon injection of any medications given by a non-physician as long as the employee is trustworthy enough to perform the procedure indicated. Only if the procedure needs a direct supervision by the physician like a tranee injecting a solution or a medication.

That's why he/she was hire for, to do injections...RIGHT?
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Are you referring to a nurse or CMA?
"Incident to" Your Office:
In your office, qualifying “incident to” services must be provided by a caregiver whom you directly supervise, and who represents a direct financial expense to you (such as a “W-2” or leased employee, or an independent contractor). You do not have to be physically present in the treatment room while the service is being provided, but you must be present in the immediate office suite to render assistance if needed. If you are a solo practitioner, you must directly supervise the care. If you are in a group, any physician member of the group may be present in the office to supervise.