Please help coding flap procedure


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Good morning! Wondering if I could possibly get some help coding following op note:
5mm squamous cell carcinoma lt cheek excissed using triangular exc. incorp. 5mm margins all sides. Apex of specimen was maked with suture. Bovie cautery used for hemostasis and was used to elevate lesion off subcu.tissue. Undermining was done medially and laterally to create bil.advancement flap. These were secured using interrupted 4-0 Biosyn suture in subcut.tissue and 5-0 nylon on skin

OP: Exc. of 1.5 cm (lesion inc. plus marg) SCC in situ of lt cheek with A to T advancement flap with Layered closure.

I was thinking CPT:14040; however the hospital used something different and also an unlisted code Not sure why so I just wanted to get another opinion. TIA
Deb, CPC