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Please help me code this situation!!


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Hello All! Since I work in a family practice I don't come accross situations like this a lot. In fact this is the first one I have seen. I will post what the office notes say:
"CC: Recheck wound over left eye
HPI: patient had a laceration repair back in june from when a branch fell against his forhead. This repair was performed by another physician.
Procedure: Area was prepped and draped in a sterile fasion with betadine prep. ....we did explore the site and feel we were adjacent to something. Several grasps were unsuccessful. We finally did reach it with a pair of forcepts and grabbed the item just near enough to the base that it did free it up and revealed a large triangular piece of bark or branch that had probably embedded beneith the point of exploration. Wound was dressed thereafter and he should not expect any furthur difficulties with this site.
A/P: left forehead, foreign body."

Ok, help! Can anyone point me in a direction :D


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Foreign Body Removal Forhead

I assume your physician made an incision to remove the FB. Try looking at code 10120 and see what you think about it. My General Surgery Coding Companion says: "The physician removes a fb embedded in sub-q tissue. The physicain makes a simple incision in the skin overlying the fb. The FB is retrieved using hemostats or forceps. The skin may be sutured or allowed to heal secondarily."