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I've opened a can of worms in my coding department. LOL

In my opinion past medical history is illness, surgery, etc that the patient has experienced in the past. If the patient is coming in for the management of their HTN and that is the only illness listed in the PMH I do not count it as that is what they are currently being treated for. I also would not count the patient brining in their blood pressure log for the last month as PMH.

However, it has been presented to me that I should count the listing of their current illness (again this is the only thing listed in PMH) as PMH or if the provider reviews their blood pressure log for the last month (as it is showing a history of the illness) that we should count this as PMH.

I have always thought that the PMH could not cotain information related to the 'active' or condition being treated.

Any input or links that I could use for referrence would be greatly appreciated.
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I wouldn't count ... BUT

From the brief description you give, I would not be inclined to count this as PMH.


Maybe I misunderstood your statement, but why do you think that anything related to the currently treated problem cannot count for PMH? What if patient's complaint is constipation and physician notes that patient had similar complaint in 2007, treated with laxatives with full relief? Or a patient presents with RLQ pain and physician notes appendectomy 2 years ago?

Hope that helps.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC