Polysomnography:EEG, EMG, EOG


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Can anyone point me in the right direction to find indepth information regarding the documentation of polysomnography, ie. sleep study / staging? the documentation our docs are using is vague to say the least and having difficulty intrepreting the first three requirements let alone any "additional parameters" being met.

Thanks in advance for this coding community!! We all really need to stick together!!

Procedure requirments of sleep lab and Polysomnographuies are:
1. Continuous & simultaneaous monitoring & recording of various physiological and pathophysiological paramenters
2. Monitoring must be for 6 hours( or more )straight
3. Physician review and interp
4. Technician must be in attendance

POLYSOMNOGRAPHY: Documentation requires 1-4 elements above, plus:
5 Sleep staging which includes
a. EEG 1-4 leads on top of head
b. EOG leads at corner of eyes for wakefulness and REM
c. EMG under jaw
6 Extra Evaluation elements for Polysomnography include:
a. ECG (heart rate)
b. airflow
c. ventilation and respiration effort
d. gas exchange (oximetry or transcutaneaous monitoring/ end tidal gas analysis
e. extremity muscle activity
f. extended EEG monitoring
g. penile tumescence
h. Gastroesophageal reflux
i. continous blood pressure monitoring
j. snoring
k. body position

Requirments for Polysomnography procedures and charges:
95808 1-4 Procedure requirments
5 Sleep Staging
6 1-3 extra eval elements (a-k)
1-4 Procedure requirments
5 Sleep Staging PLUS
6 4 or more extra eval elements (a-k)
1-4 Procedure requirments
5 Sleep Staging PLUS
6 4 or more extra eval elements (a-k)

7 Initiation of CPAP or bilevel ventilaition