Porth a cath-36561-or 36571 - The patient was bought to operating


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We have 2 coders conflicting on what code to choose from
Can anyone help ?

Operation : Port a cath insertion via cephalic cut down

Procedure : The patient was bought to operating room and placed on table in a supine postion . Under adequate Iv sedation, patient was prepped and draped around left chest in usual sterile fashion. A small incision was made in the deltoid pectoral grrove. It was deepeened to expose the cephalic vein. Proximal and distal control was obtained. A small venotomy was perormed. Catheter was insertedthrough the cavoatrial junction verified via fluoroscopy free techinique . It was attached to a port, which was flushed and attached to the patient chest wall. Hemostasis was obtained with Electocatery. . The wound was closed in layers with acbsorable sutures.

i coder wants to code other coder

36561 ???? or 36571
c1788 ???? c1788
77001-tc??? o 77001-tc
my question who is right , and can you bill fluo, when it says verfied fluro free technique . thanks tj