post op complications and -24


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Where can I get more info regarding the use of -24 and when it is appropriate to bill for post op complications for my providers? It would be most beneficial with regards to OB/GYN. Thank you!!
Unless the post op complication requires the use of the operating room, then it is included in the global period and therefor not billable. Modifier 24 is only for an unrelated e&m service by the same physician during a post operative period. If they had to take the patient back to the operating room you can use a 78 on the new procedure.
So post op infections would not be considered billable visits, correct? I'm running into a road block with visits like the one below. I say no, it was a complication related to the surgery.

Such as this -
Chief Complaint: 12/14/07- Patient is here for incision check. Had a c-section on 08/11/07, has been having intermittent drainage from the site ever since. Last visit area was cultured and packed with Iodoform gauze. Patient instructed to leave the packing in and to change band-aid daily. She took the packing out because it was turning green. She packed it with gauze.

Other minor procedures: Packing removed and replaced with saline dressing. Healthy granulation tissue at the base of the wound. Total depth approx 5 mm. Dressing placed.
Global period is expired

In your example ... C section on Aug 11 2007 / today's visit date is Dec 14 2007. This is four months post surgery and the global surgical period has already expired, so I believe the visit would be billable and no modifier needed.