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Michelle Thompson

Central Philadelphia chapter
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Is anyone reporting PQRI? I am looking for some guidance with reporting PQRI. STS registry reporting - vs - Claim based reporting.
Right now I am submitting Claim based PQRI but that is as far as we have gotten. The physician billing group I am with, has not been fully committed to this initiative. The claim based submittion process was set up but that is it. I have not received feedback reports or payment.
Now that we are able to submit through the STS database, I could use some help. There is an abundance of information on the STS website but I thought I would ask here also.


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We report thru STS

I don't do anything other than have my surgeons sign the participation form every year. We have a quality department that enters all the information into the STS database then they do the rest.

I am concerned about the E-prescribe requirement. Right now it is a bonus payment but in 2012 it will become a deduction if you don't do it. The CVT providers do not write that many scripts, you have to have at least 25 unique medicare patients to qualify. There is no way we could qualify. The only scripts they give on a regular basis are inpatient, then they are managed by the PCP. I have the question in to a higher level at CMS to find out what we are supposed to do.

Good luck, this PQRI stuff is a pain. I hate claims based, we do that in our FP/IM offices.



Oakpark, Illinois
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We are participating and currently we are submitting both ways. I add the measures to the claims and we have a department that enters patient info into the STS database. We have signed all the necessary forms for the STS to report these measures for us.

There really isn't any reason for me to continue the claims-based reporting but my manager hasn't decided whether I should stop or not so I've just continued.

If your group of surgeons already enter information into the STS database then I would suggest giving the STS permission to submit the PQRI info for you. For one thing, it looks as if the claims-based reporting may be phased out. There were new measures this year (and last) for CT surgeons that can only be reported through a registry. The contact for STS PQRI information is Ellen Clough at eclough@sts.org she could probably give you more direction.

Lisi, CPC