Preventive and sick visit question


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Hello everyone,
Is my understanding that if a patient reason for the visit is for an annual assesment/exam and patient complaint of other problems I will bill
the preventive code with dx v70.0 and the office code with the problems, and mod 25. Now If the Dr. does not assessed v70.0 on the documentation I send the record back to Dr. and ask to append it. Now, the physician disagree with me stating that is not necessary to documented v70.0, and told me to just append to preventive the pt problem wich I totally disagree..:mad: ps.

I also advise him that everytime he performed a PSA he need to advise the medical necessity. Sometimes patient reason for visit is for Hypertension and he perform a PSA lab, not giving any reason documented I question him and he reply that everytime he perform a PSA is for screening...
any comment or advise is appreciate. Thanks