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My question concerns conscious sedation VS MAC/Monitored Anesthesia Care.

The CRNAs are documenting MAC when Moderate Sedation is done. The definiton of MAC given by ASA is very broad; however, a recent article attempted to differentiate between the two.

The CRNAs reason that moderate sedation was given, and becasue they were in attedance and did provide monitoring to the patient, this constitutes MAC.

Well, I disagree. Yes, they monitored the patient, but monitoring does not constitute MAC. So, I called medicare and spoke with a level 3 research and education person and asked a seeminlgy simple question, " Does a CRNAs presence during Moderate Sedation equal MAC if the CRNA did indeed monitor the patient during a procedure?

The rep told me that she did not know, and that I would hear from her or someone in the research department within 25 business days.

Any coders out there who can help me with this?