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I am responsible for charging and coding for Observation charts for a hospital. Included in the charging I figure E&M for hours patient is in the hospital by using the admit and d/c time. All drug adminstrations which includes adding the IVF times, Hydration times, IVP, and SQ injections. Because our nurses rarely document stop times for IVF I have to figure the stop time myself. This is done by using math to figure the stop time using the infuse volume rate with the duration. Configuring the times the patient was having any px done so that time can be deducted from the total of hours. None of this information is in one particular location in the chart. It has to be searched for. I enter these charges into the system once figured out. I also must check all charges already entered into the system by the automated system, nurses or chargemaster for accuracy. If their are any mistakes I must correct them. If I am unable to make the correction I must contact the appropriate person and then follow-up that it was taken care of. I then make an account note of the times I came up with for the patients stay. I also do the ICD-9 Dx & PX coding along with CPT. After I have coded the charts for the day I have a report that I must mark off whom I have coded and find any missing charts that did not come to me.

Does 10 minutes per chart ( 6 charts per hour) sound reasonable to anyone? It can take 10 minutes to just figure out the charging aspect of this. Does anyone know if their is an organization that sets a standard productivity rate?

Thanks in advance for any feedback. :)
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