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The American Academy of Professional Coders Chapter Association (AAPCCA) would like to challenge all local chapters to unite our members as a global force to help those in need. With the recent earthquake devastations in Haiti, Chile, Brazil and Taiwan, “Project AAPC”, AAPC Local Chapters Aiding People in Crisis, will demonstrate our care for others. Imagine what a difference we can make as a united group.

We are challenging each local chapter to raise funds between now and our 2010 Nashville Conference in June. No amount is too small; small amounts raised by many will add up exponentially!

Opportunities to consider:
- Offer a “no cappuccino day” by donating the price of coffee to this project!
- Plan a “sack lunch day.” Members of your chapter could pick a date for everyone who usually eats out to bring their lunch. Bring a collection container with our Project AAPC logo on it to lunch with you. Or if you work with other coders, sit together (you can bring a container too). This could lead to the opportunity to share this project with others in the cafeteria.
- In advance of your chapter meetings, announce that you will have a donation jar available. Challenge all members to contribute. We would like to aim for 100% participation where possible. Count the donations before the conclusion of your meeting, announce the amount and then try to go over that at your next meeting!
-If policies permit, have your members ask their employers to donate, or better yet, ask if they might be interested in matching donations collected!

The list of ideas is as endless as the suffering we see every day on the news. We know that together we will make a difference! Take a moment to realize how much we have and compare that to what the victims in many of these countries didn't have even BEFORE the earthquakes in their regions. Realize that we CAN make a difference!

The AAPCCA and AAPC promise 100% of all donations will go to the relief effort via the American Red Cross.

On Tuesday, June 8, at the Member Appreciation and Awards Luncheon in Nashville, we will announce the grand total of all donations received from all local chapters. This grand total is one in which each and every member of AAPC has had the opportunity to participate!

While our reason for this project is to help those in crisis, the AAPC and AAPCCA do want to acknowledge our members who participate. Each chapter will be asked to provide a list of all chapter members who participated in this project. We also want to hear the stories of how your members were encouraged to participate and how your members responded.

These are stories we want to share with the all members! Send photos too! Everything can be emailed to the Chair of the Board of Directors for the AAPCCA, Jill Young at
For participating members who are also attending the Nashville Conference, please provide each with a copy of the attached note, and ask that they bring it to conference. Bearers of this note should stop by the AAPCCA booth for a small token of our appreciation, a special ribbon. We encourage each member to wear their recognition ribbon throughout the conference to indicate their participation in Project AAPC. This ribbon can be worn with pride, as it shows that the AAPC is a community that cares beyond the walls of our work, beyond the borders of our country and across the waters to others in need. We already make a difference in the coding world, and now we will make a difference all over the world where there is crisis.

With over 450 AAPC Local Chapters serving over 90,000 members, imagine the difference we will make.

Thank you in advance for your support of Project AAPC.

Board of Directors
American Academy of Professional Coders Chapter Association - AAPCCA

Local Chapters are asked to issue one check from their Local Chapter account for all donations collected. This check should be made payable to the “American Red Cross” and mailed to AAPC NO LATER THAN June 1st. Please mark “Project AAPC” on the envelope and on the check memo line. You may also deliver checks to the AAPCCA Booth at the Nashville Conference no later than Monday, June 7th at 5pm.
Please also send your list of participating chapter members, stories and photos to prior to June 1st. You can also email Jill with any questions you may have.
Donations from an individual or company over $50.00 should be identified (name and address) with the submitted chapter check for IRS receipting.