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I was hoping someone out there could help me. I have a physician who states he extensively reviewed records on a patient prior to surgery and wants me to bill 99358 on 9/11/08 and 99359 on 9/12/08 (in the office) and then the actual surgery on 9/15/08 (inpatient hospital). I'm not sure how to bill this.

According to CPT these are add on codes and they can be billed in addition to "other physician services" including Evaluation and Managment no matter the place of service.

I'm just not sure in what order to bill these. Since the prolonged service codes and surgery were billed in 2 different place of services so that would require 2 separate claims and you can't bill an add on code on a claim by itself right? The last question I have about this is where should these prolonged services be documented? Should I have him dictate what he did on certain days in our office chart or should he add that to the surgery dictation? Errrggg ... I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks alot.

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