Provider POS for telehealth after PE ends


Lawrence, Ks
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Has anyone heard of a change to Medicare coverage of telehealth after PE ends? Will providers still be able to provide telehealth from their home?
Update: Providers who want to work from home in 2024 will need to update their enrollment and bill from that address by Jan. 1, 2024.
Is this in the same document? I didn't see it. What is your source for this? Thank you.

see page 15:
"Reporting Home Address: During the PHE, CMS allowed practitioners to render telehealth services from their home without reporting their home address on their Medicare enrollment while continuing to bill from their currently enrolled location. When the PHE ends, the waiver will continue through December 31, 2023."
Patient has a telehealth visit then proceeds to go into office and get a blood draw on same day by lab tech. In my previous place of employment we were instructed that is a patient breeches clinic property it is no longer a telehealth visit and to change POS. What is the consensus on this?