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I am trying to confirm if there is ever a time when a provider can bill for services provided by a psychology student. I thought I had hear that if a doctor signs off on the student's notes then it is billable but I am not sure.
Does anyone have any information regarding this issue? I'd appreciate your input. Thanks:)
Please be very careful here. I think some things need to be clarified before your question can be answered in earnest. The title of your post is "Psych student" but in the body of your post you indicate psychology student. To which student type are you truly referring?

Also, I think the payor class and the state where the services are being rendered matters as certain states have rules pertaining to "practitioners of the healing arts."

Lastly, from a Medicare standpoint, the teaching physician rules outlined in the Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Chapter 12, section 100 provide guidance on students. The "student" to which you allude, may not even meet the definition of student for teaching physician guideline purposes.
Lastly, even residents have to be supervised by a physician and not a psychologist so you need to know who is supervising these individuals.

Just some food for thought.

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Are you suggesting that student records might be billable in some instances? I do not know of any. Although with Residents (who are NOT students), that is a hit or miss area, there are no circumstances that warrent the billing of a student-provided service.

What else might "Psych student" mean? Psychiatry students (Med. students, in other words) would not be billable either and Residents have their own mandates from CMS.

Just my thoughts.
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