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I am new to billing behavior health, Im alittle confused....would psychotherapy (individual) face to face be the same as a psychosocial assessment? Please assist, thanking you in advance!
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No. The psychosocial assessment (90801) is where the provider obtains the patient's history, does a mental status exam, and formulates the patient's diagnosis and treatment recommendations. This code is not time based.

Psychotherapy face to face is time based, and is the actual therapy sessions that are provided to the patient, usually as a result of the psych assessment.

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So the 90801 is not the evaluation? and 90818 is not the psychosocial? This is the way I am understanding it...please clarify
In my experience, the terms 'evaluation' and 'psychosocial' are both applied to the 90801. Some Medicaid payors have different terms and requirements for coverage, so perhaps that is where some of the confusion may be coming from.

A 90818 is a 45-50 minute face-to-face therapy session in an inpatient, partial hospital, or residential facility setting. The documentation would need to include the start and end time (to support the time) and what type of therapy was provided and the therapist's interpretation of the session.
Thank you so much for the info, this may very well be where the confusing is coming in. I am under the impression that the eval and the the social is two different things. I think the wording is what throws me off. question: does it make a different if you are billing for a php?

The PT has been seen for the psychiatiatric evaluation on one day and a pyschosocial assessment another day, after you info and reading over the forms, it looks like the some info has been collected, both have presenting problems, history, medication, strength and weakness, one is done by a clinictian, and the other by a doctor.

I hope I didnt confuse you
Psychosocial Assessment vs Psychiatric Eval

Are we talking about inpatient or outpatient?

PsychEval and Psysocial Assessment are not the same thing.

Psychiatrist completes psychiatric evaluation first. The dr completes AXIS 1-V

Nursing Assessment is completed within 8 hours of admit

The social worker has 72 hours to complete asst and create master treatment plan. Following the doctor's lead, the social worker initiates goals based on the problems initiated by the doctor in the psycheval. The social worker reads the physician's evaluation for the diagnosis and other information that she uses in her psychosocial assessment. She interviews the pt and gathers a lot of the same information and more to complete her assessment. The social worker does not make a diagnosis, only the doctor can do that.

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