Questionable hernia repair


Redding, CA
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I know I'm probably overthinking again, but I wanted to get other opinions before I send this one off. The doc says it's an abdominal wall hernia repair, but to me, it doesn't seem like they really did much with the hernia itself. So here's the op note.

A vertical incision was then made. The laxity was identified, the skin is quite redundant and ther is obvious dissimilarity between the left and right side of the abdominal wall. In the portion which is external and lateral of the iliac spine, the colon was adherent and the adhesions are taken down. Seromuscular silk sutures were placed in the serosa of the colon after lysis of adhesion to ensure that there would be no possible bowel leakage. No enterotomy actually occurred, however, merely separation of the serosa where it was densely adherent to the mesh. There was no contamination of the field. The mesh was resutured to the anterior iliac area. Care taken to avoid regional nerves. Prolene sutures were utilized for this repair.

To me, it looks like they just lysed some adhesions, and then re-sutured the mesh. I know the lysis would be 44005, but I don't know what to code for the mesh resuture, or if that is considered a recurrent hernia repair, in which case the lysis would be included. Please help! Thanks!