queston re skin graft prep

Kati Achey

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My doctor performed a
1. Wound surgical preparation of right heel donor site, 12cm squared
2. Split thickness skin graft from right thigh to right heel, 12 cm squared.
3. Placement of vacuum-assisted closure device.

I have the codes 15100 for the split thickness skin graft and 97605 for the vacuum assisted closure devise.

I am confused on the prep code the CPT book refers to 15002, however in taking my on line coding course I had written a note above the Surgical Preparation Codes that reads "Code excision of lesion and graft- not prep code". Of course I didn't give myself any explanation and now am stumped on which code to use?

Can anyone help me with this coding issue?

Thanks, Kati Telliard, CPC :confused: