RAC Audits


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Is anyone getting RAC audits and the reason for the refund on the Medicare remits and Refund request letter are not matching??

If so beware of this issue...I am from the Georgia region and the have talked to several Medicare reps who cannot give me a straight answer for the reason of the refund.. All they tell me is that the reason is on the remit and letter, but THE REASONS DON'T MATCH!!! They then tell me to call the RAC audit company, Conolly Healthcare, who advised that they are no longer sending letters and that it has been handed over to the Medicare contractor to send the letters.

So what happens then in this case?? I'll tell you... since the Medicare Reps don't know and are not trained properly, you waste time, which the end result is you miss your 30day window to submit an reconsideration request, and the amount is recouped plus INTEREST.

I think Medicare is doing this on purpose to get that interest which is unfair and unjust. IT HAS GOT TO STOP!!!

Just wanted to vent a little and make everyone aware.