Radial Lateral Band Repair


Centre Hall, PA
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I've read that a sagittal band repair can be coded as 26437-realignment of extensor tendon. Is this also true for the lateral band?

The doctor performed what he called "a zone two extensor tendon laceration repair" of the left index finger. The op note states, "The central slip was identified, and this was confirmed as intact. The radial lateral band was completely lacerated and extending into the triangular ligament. There was a small nick in the ulnar lateral band. I mobilized the radial lateral band, and this was repaired with running interlocking horizontal mattress stitch of 4-0 ethibond. This resulted in excellent stability of the tendon."

I'm not sure if is should code this as extensor tendon repair (26418) or realignment of extensor tendon (26437).

Who has experience with this?