Radiation/Oncology Coding Question


Ozark, AR
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I'm a certified CPC but I've only been one for about 3 years. I just started a new job and now I'm being asked to start coding for radiation/oncology. However my question doesn't really pertain to that area precisely, but it's for my doctor that is that specialist. I'm wondering if there is a code out there besides the unlisted one of 99499 that can be used for when my doctor goes to the hospital and will see a patient and talk with them and let them know what options are available, but doesn't give them an actual physical examination? Yet, it's the first time he's seeing the patient? He won't actually give them a through examination until they actually decide to pursue radiation and come into the office. I'm not trying to double bill, but I would like to see this doctor get something for his time, because he is an old school dr, where he doesn't always charge for all the things that he should be charging for. If I can't then that's fine as well, but I don't know if I don't ask... :D

Also because I'm new to this speciality is there anything that is put out by this website or somewhere else that can give someone who is new to this tips and information on this speciality? Feel free to email me at my personal email at cr8zygrl2003@yahoo.com with any suggestions or answers you have as I may not always check this website. Thank you for your time.