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Discussion for C-arm - EPIDURAL INJECTIONS. An epidurography was not performed. Since only the professional component is being billed, I would like additional confirmation 77003-26 is correct (not a "spot film" 72020-26):confused:
was Fluoroscopy utilized? if so then you are correct if you are billing for the surgeon. The facility side will capture the TC component.
C-Arm (flouro) was used. However, I am billing for the radiologist. There is a office disput between the flouro code 77003 and a plan 1 view spine x ray since the word "guidance" was not present on the radiology report and the Radiologis did not state he was present at the time of the injection. I still say flouro becasue it was flouro not a xray.
If the radiologist was present and did the fluoro then 77003 is right but if the rad is only dictating a report based off a spot film from the c-arm and wasnt present for the procedure then single view code would be correct.