Rasmussen College is not accredited for Coding Courses or the CMA course.


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On 6/17/8 students were informed by dean of admissions at the Rasmussen College, Lake Elmo,MN campus that they are not an accredited teaching institution. And all course work will not be accepted for any certification. Apparently they have known about this problem for two months and never bothered to tell any of the students. This was discovered by a student who's employer found out that they are not an accredited college and is now refusing to reimburse for tuition.

This location has been open since April of 2007 and has been teaching courses for medical coding and certified medical assistant and other medical courses without credentials. The students have wasted one year or more of their lives and income. They will need to start over at another college and put off any career changes they had hopes for.

Please inform anyone that is considering the Rasmussen College to be very careful as they may very well get burned.
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I actually just emailed someone in the HIT department about their courses. I received an email back from her last Thursday stating that after taking their courses that I would be eligible to sit for the RHIT exam. If they know that they are not accredited, they should not be telling people that they know are wanting to sit for the RHIT exam that their shcool is accredited. That is just crazy!