Reanastomosis and lysis


Redding, CA
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Okay, so if you can decipher this, you're doing better than me...please help!

Op note: ...Visiport was used to gain access to the peritoneal cavity. Additional trocars were placed along the axillary line. The small bowel was run from the sigmoid valve to the ligament of Treitz. It was obviously distended to the point of anastomosis in the right upper abdomen. Adhesions between the omentum were taken down to afford better visualization and a reanastomosis performed with the GIA stapler after making a small incision in the umbillicus. The anastomosis was closed with the TA stapler and sik sutures were used to reinforce the anastomosis. One site of dense adhesions between loops of bowel was freed with a tiny enterotomy which was easily repaired with silk sutures. The region was irrigated and turbid fluid was noted in the pelvis unrelated to the surgery with much fibropurulent debris.

I see the reanastomsis, and I was thinking of using the 44202, but I'm not sure. Please help.