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Is there a CPT/HCPC code for a repeat pap done because of an abnormal pap or is it just considered an office visit?

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Repeat Abnormal Pap

Try 795.00 Or V72.32: See If Ones Of These Can Possible Help
I would just code the office visit based on the documentation, most of the time I see a 99212. thanks
You just post the E/M code for the visit. Obtaining the pap smear is included in the visit.
Answer to repeat Pap Smear.

You would have to way your options. Wich you feel would reimburse higher. Level 2 vs the Q0091-Collection of the Pap Smear. Some insurance pay between 20.00 to close to 50.00. For the Q code.
Some practices recommend to use Q0091 with mod 76 with the abnormal pap smear DX. Alone. I do this myself, and am comfortable with this scennario. And do get reimbursed. Just an example of what's going on out here in the coding world.

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P.S- modifier is just for the repeat pap done by the same physician.