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Our office is looking at allowing our coders to go remote. One of the issues prior to implementation is how we will assess productivity. We are provider based.

Does anyone have any insight or resources on benchmarks for coding productivity? Our specialties are: hospitalists, OBGYN (surgical), Pain, Trauma (surgical), Family Medicine (clinical), Sleep, and Psych (inpt).

We really would like to find some #'s to compare...everything I find is generally facility based and as I stated, we are physician based.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Please respond here or you may email me at

Thank you!!
If you are using EMR software then you should be able to measure their productivity within the program. I would choose to use a program (EMR or not) that allows you to monitor the work.
That's correct and we have the capability to measure what OUR coders do. What we need are benchmarks/statistics from the industry to compare.

I work for a large hospital and all of the coders (inpatient and outpatient) are remote. We have specific standards depending on the admitting/discharging service. Outpatient coders are required to work at a pace of at least 5 surgical cases per hr and 15 emergency department cases per hr. Of course, sometimes you can do more or less but it's a least a good starting point and it helps me by keeping tally marks so I know if I'm keeping pace. For what it's worth, my manager said that they had the same concerns when they started remote coding but the department's numbers and productivity went through the roof once it was implemented. I guess less distractions but also we don't want to lose that benefit so we make sure we keep working at that standard.

Hope that helps! Good luck :)
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I am at a gastro practice and manage 3 full time coders. The coders work from home about 3 days out of the week. Each week the coders are required to submit a report showing the number of charges coded. I require that they maintain an average of 100 charges a day. On days when they are coding manual charges (such as hospital consults, rounds, procedures) the average is usually closer to 85. But on the days that they code our EMR charges from the endoscopy centers their numbers are significantly higher - around 180 - 220 per day. So the average generally hits between the 100 and 140 mark.

I hope that helps!