Rescection, colon, tail of pancreas, spleen, and lt kidney


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Help please. This is a new one for me. Can I use 44160 for the colon resec. and 48140 for the pancreas ???
An en bloc resection of the primary tumor, including hepatic flexure of
colon, tail of pancreas, spleen, and left kidney was then performed. The
pancreas was taken first with a TA-60 stapler. Cutting distal to the
staple line, the staple line was then also covered over with capsular
sutures of #3-0 PDS. The spleen had already been fully immobilized. The
distal colon was then transected beyond the splenic flexure in this area of
soft pliable collapsed bowel, and the mesenteric resection for the
remainder of the colon at the splenic flexure was accomplished, and the
only thing left was the pedicle to the left kidney, which artery and vein
were taken separately and secured with heavy silk ties, and the ureter was
traced downward and clipped off, completing the en bloc resection.

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