Question Review of labs and decision for further treatment


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Is it appropriate to set up an office visit to discuss the results of the lab finding for a previous encounter at which you or your doctor colleague of the same group same speciality have ordered the test?

I have seen that doctors order lab work at one encounter bill an E/M visit. Set up a virtual or in office visit to discuss blood result finding document a not for billing and another E/M is billed.

I would like to know if this is correct billing practice.


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It is appropriate as long as it is medically necessary. After reviewing lab results, providers will often need to see the patient again to ask additional questions or perform a more extensive examination or discuss treatment options with the patient based on what those test results show. It's entirely appropriate to bill for those visits. The only time I think it's not is when the lab results are completely normal yet some providers feel they need to bring the patient in to discuss the results with them - I'm not sure why providers do this, but in my opinion that's a situation that doesn't demonstrate the medical necessity of another E/M visit.