Question Risk to Pt with current cancer or f/u visit

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I'm looking for direction on categorizing MDM risk for a breast surgeon who diagnoses the patient and performs the surgery, however, the patient also sees an oncologist who prescribes the cancer treatment. The breast surgeon continues to see the patient while the patient is on a treatment like tamoxifen or chemo/radiation. On the table of risk, where would you categorize these patients in the following two scenarios: 1) for the patient who is currently undergoing chemo/radiation and sees the breast surgeon between visits; and 2) for patients who see the breast surgeon annually, without any active treatment. For scenario 2 I would categorize the patient with a stable, chronic illness, but where would you categorize risk for this patient, especially if they have a strong family history and history themselves? If they are just under surveillance would this be considered low risk? How would you chategorize the patient under active treatment - moderate for therapeutic nuclear medicine or high (drug therapy requiring intensive monitoring for toxicity?) Does the breast surgeon receive credit for Moderate risk for management options selected if the patient us currently undergoing chemo (therapeutic nuclear medicine) even if this is being managed by the patient's oncologist? Thanks in advance for any input.